Show me the  Money
Chicago Board of Trade Building & Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

July 30, 2011

$45.00 per person

Includes:  Motorcoach transportation, admission per itinerary, and Imperial Escort.

We are headed to Chicago and our first stop is the Chicago Board of Trade Building, an architectural Art Deco landmark and home to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and Chicago Board of Trade.  You will be given a basic overview of the market  and have a bird’s eye view of Open Outcry trading from the viewing gallery. Watch as the traders stand elbow to elbow in the trading pit, shouting out the number of contracts and prices they wish to buy or sell while simultaneously using hands signals to convey the same information.

Enjoy some free time for lunch at Navy Pier, the Midwest’s #1 tourist and leisure destination.

After lunch we will tour  the Federal Reserve Bank, one of 12 regional Reserve Banks across the United States that,  together with the Board of  Governors in Washington, D.C., as the central bank for the United States.  We’ll take a fascinating tour and spend some time in the Money Museum.  You will  view a cube filled with a million dollars and a suitcase filled with a million, in one hundred dollar bills. They’ll  even give you a bag of money to take home, shredded of course.

Departure  from Lafayette .  Pick ups en route may be arranged. 

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